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A fun sense of realism in flight simulation.

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Seattle Virtual ATC (SVATC) is a flight simulation community focusing on a realistic and professional multiplayer experience, and promoting aviation education.

We host a multiplayer simulation network, and provide both pilot and ATC training for our members who range from aviation enthusiasts to real world pilots.

Events and Activities

We've got many events and activities available for members, including "pack the pattern", group flights, movie nights, multiplayer minigames, and aviation quizzes.

We also love to chat in our Teamspeak 3 (voice communication) server. Members are always free to suggest new event ideas.

Why Seattle?
Geography Operations Training
The Seattle Area is home to a wide variety of terrain. there are mountains to the east, oceans to the west, flatlands to the south, and islands to the north! ZSE is home to many aircraft operations, from mountain flying to island hopping, airliners to army helicopters, and Boeing flight testing to student flight training! SVATC offers high quality online training courses, rivaling the larger networks, for both pilots and air traffic controllers. Online training is great for students to learn at their own pace.